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Affordable & simple


Mobile revolution
84% of foodies want smartphone order - 90% of food businesses do not have digital menus. Menuvenu bridge the disconnect. Table ordering, pre-order, pick-up, delivery, room service - your customers are mobile, we make your business mobile.


Your brand
Menuvenu integrates into your portal listing strategy, but we’re 100% different. We help you build your customer base, your way, with you in control. Orders are paid direct to your bank, because it’s your customer, your relationship, your business. It’s personal!


How it works

We create your cloud based menu, no app needed! You can have multiple menus by time, languages, specials/promotions, and it is live, so instantly changeable to add/remove an item.


Your menu is in your customer's pocket at all times

menuvenu level the playing field for independents to compete with the chains, using a strategy of mobile and personalisation that drives the move from traditional bricks and mortar to a highly successful next gen food service business. It’s your menu, your venu, your customer, your success!


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2 click order technology for any restaurant or hotel

Get ready to wow your customers with our unique & powerful cloud based mobile ordering. It’s an order revolution that makes it easy, convenient and positively compelling for your customers to order your food using their smartphones. They will love you.

Give your customers the menu they love – and no app needed!

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Onsite your customers access using our unique plug & play wifi solution or QR code. Offsite they use your website or Facebook fan page or our app.

Customers view, order and pay using their smartphones, with real time confirmation and order time notification. You can accept/reject and seamlessly integrate online orders into your current operation.


Payment is by cash, online payment system you choose, or, offer add to bill/room. It’s easy order technology to drive convenience and raise service standards whilst increasing average order value.


Customers love it

Your customers are mobile Mobile compliments but does not replace waiters. It re-defines the server-customer dynamic and customers love the attention and new relationship.


No more queues
Customers love the convenience of sitting and clicking. It’s the ultimate in convenience so why would they not order more when it’s just a click, not a bar scrum?


Anytime, anywhere
Your customers love your food, that’s why they come to you, so make it easy to order anytime, anywhere. Using paper menu’s is a horse & cart solution in a modern world.


Quick, easy, no risk deployment

It’s fast, usually 24-48 hours to get your business live and online.

There’s no cost, no investment and with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you never pay a penny unless 100% satisfied!

Fill in the form and get a call back today.



Main Features of menuvenu

Sell one more cup of coffee per day and the menuvenu unique cloud based ordering platform is paid for. But the power of menuvenu is its simplicity. In house ordering is just two clicks, offsite ordering just needs internet.


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